Kearny Street Workshop recognized as incubator for Hollywood's Asian American rising stars - NBC News

NBC News published an article this week highlighting the impact of our client Kearny Street Workshop and the 20th Anniversary of the APAture Festival.

What many people won’t know from reading the article, is that it took 2 years for this story to be published. Why so long? Well, stories like these need to have all the right ingredients: content, timing, persistence.

Two years ago we began working on a campaign for KSW’s APAture Festival, and when we found out Ali Wong and Hasan Minhaj were APAture alums, we presented the idea of an APAture award to the KSW team. Creating this award, would not only acknowledge these two individuals, but many other artists that have been part of KSW and APAture throughout its 40+ history as an APIA arts organization.

Now that we had an award to honor people with we had a reason to contact them for a quote on how KSW and participating in APAture early on in their careers, impacted their work and success. Having these testimonials on hand is not only great content for marketing, it’s a huge asset for press. Comedian Ali Wong was one of the people we got a quote from, and she gave the perfect testament on how KSW impacted her career.

Thank you so much for the award. Apature 2007 was the very first real “show” I ever performed stand-up at, that seated an audience of over 10 people, who actually paid to be there. I’m so grateful to Kearny Street Workshop for providing me with the opportunity to get up on stage. The experience was electric and motivated me to do stand-up again and again and again Over the years I have discovered so many awesome Asian-American artists and bought several pieces at Apature, that I have and cherish in my home to this day. If I wasn’t about to give birth to my second child, I would love to be there in person. Congratulations to Kearny Street Workshop, to all of the filmmakers, writers, musicians and artists!
— Ali Wong

Next, we pitched the story… but the timing wasn’t right, we were a little too early. Until Crazy Rich Asians came out and blew the door down! There are many other examples of why NOW was the right time for this story, paying attention to the signs is part of the process.

We also started working with KSW in a different capacity this year through our PR for the People workshop, developed to build capacity in the community in the field of Public Relations. Diana Li is currently taking the workshop and through our signature PapaLoDown PR Campaign System, she landed this story in NBC News! Connecting with the right writer or editor to tell the story is part of the persistence you need to have to land a national media outlet (Shout out writer Saleah Blancaflor!).

We couldn’t have asked for a better ending to this PR Campaign story… and this year’s 20th annual APAture festival hasn’t even started yet!

Through our workshop Diana has also coordinated interviews for two of the featured artists in this year’s APAture Festival on NBC Bay Area’s Asian Pacific America, hosted by reporter Robert Handa. (Click on images to watch)

With the APAture Festival opening next week we’re excited to see what else the KSW team is able to accomplish in amplifying the voices of APIA artists this year. We think the next big hollywood star is probably featured in one of these showcases.