What is a Publicist? Is a Publicist Right for Me?

What is a Publicist? 

Publicists serve as the bridge between an organization or person, and the media. Publicists develop relationships with journalists, editors, producers, and influencers; and create strategies that will generate buzz around your event or brand. There's always an opportunity to improve the public perception of your organization, and that’s where publicists come into the picture.

Publicists usually specialize in a specific industry, like tech, books, or fashion PR. Here at PapaLoDown our diverse background in complimenting industries - fashion/retail, entertainment, art, education, and social justice, through the lens as a POC and women owned business, gives our clients an edge that blends community, culture, and activism.

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What Do Publicists Do?

  • Write press releases

  • Create a press kit

  • Pitch stories to editors, writers, producers, and influencers

  • Develop brand identity

  • Media training

  • Schedule interviews

  • Oversee client’s online image

  • Review analytics and statistics for each campaign

  • Manage social media activity

  • Set up speaking engagements and public appearances

  • Plan events

  • Help write speeches, media alerts, newsletters

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What is the Ultimate Goal?

Building relationships and networking on your behalf, the publicist expands your sphere of opportunity and boosts your visibility to new audiences. Publicists craft, pitch, and amplify your story. They maintain a positive image of your organization and help you develop relationships with community members, public officials, industry leaders, influencers and more.

How will I know I need a Publicist?

If you have an event or launch in the next 6-12 months that you think is ready to be amplified in the news, it's time to research a publicist for your campaign.

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Think You're Ready?

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Whether you're looking for a long-term partner to manage your brand image, want to focus on a specific campaign that positions you as an expert in your field, or planning a milestone event, our team of professionals is here to amplify your brand.