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Verizon invited Sahra to their headquarters to speak to employees, upper management, and their diversity initiatives for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month -- in celebration of this year's theme, "Think Bold, Act Bold, Be Bold."

People in every industry share the same goal: to be bold, successful, and impactful in their work

As a first generation Vietnamese American woman with entrepreneurial ventures in several industries, Sahra has first-hand experience on navigating cultural differences in the pursuit of excellence. When a member of your team facilitates a conversation with Sahra, they have the ability to dive deep into topics including cultural impact, definitions of success, the value of diversity, and strategies for impact. Watch Sahra's conversation at Verizon Global Headquarters for reference!

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Internet & Activism: Leveraging Digital Tools for Social Justice

This lecture focuses on the intersections of grassroots activism, offline organizing, and online mobilization through the internet. As a 2018 Google Next Gen Tech Policy Leader, Sahra works with leaders across the country to explore creative solutions for tech policy and racial justice. The presentation also informs audiences about the reality and risks of an internet era without Net Neutrality (repealed by the FCC in 2018). Sahra will present case studies of effective campaigns for social and racial justice, as well as tools and strategies for executing a justice-oriented agenda in the digital age.

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Create the Future: An Inspirational Speech to Motivate the Incoming Freshman Class or the Graduating Class (varies)

This is an inspirational speech (which comes in two different versions) for new students entering college or graduating students preparing to enter the "real world." The speech motivates students to consider the power of manifesting the future, social responsibility, and the boundless possibilities of their individual potential.  

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Invest in Yourself: Risk, Fear, & Empowerment in the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship

This lecture is for anyone who has thought about starting a side hustle, or quitting their 9-to-5 job to venture off on their own, but isn't quite sure how to make the leap. As someone who worked the 9-to-5 job, and juggled many side hustles, and eventually quit the full-time job to create her own path, Sahra has plenty of experiences and reflections on how to navigate the "free agent" hustle. The lecture inspires people to embrace "fear of the unknown" and focuses on the emotional, mental, and pragmatic journey for turning an idea into a reality.  

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Change the Narrative: Diversity, Intersectionality, and Culturally Relevant Content in Media

This lecture focuses on the state of media and the growing desire for people, platforms, and brands to include diverse content in their output. In 2016, Sahra helped launch the video channel for NBC Asian America through creating and producing the first documentary series to premiere on the channel. Overall, she has created over 15 documentaries with a focus on diversity, intersectionality, and underrepresented stories. The lecture will pose problems, research data, and approaches for how content creators can effectively include diversity in their work while remaining authentic, impactful, and relevant to audiences.

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Redefine Success: Purpose & Passion from a 1st Generation Vietnamese American Millennial

This lecture deconstructs conventional ideas of success, and reframes the definition of success to be rooted in one's sense of self-knowledge, purpose, and passion. Based on Sahra's experiences, she takes audiences on a personal journey from being a 1st generation daughter of Vietnamese refugees, to community organizing, to creating films, and starting her own businesses -- a production company and award-winning restaurant. Throughout the lecture, Sahra shares key lessons on how she navigated societal/cultural expectations while creating her own success, business, and financial future.

Learn More About Sahra's Work and Impact

"Deported" is a 5-part series documentary about the fight against deportation within the Cambodian American community. This film is now available to book for screenings and Q&A with filmmaker Sahra V. Nguyen. 

Under Sahra's own production company, One Ounce Gold, she filmed the doc in Seattle, Philadelphia, New York City, and Cambodia. Sahra worked closely with community organizations, 1Love Movement and 1Love Cambodia to tell the immigrant story of five deportees. It was published this past March 2017 on NBC News Asian America, and recently featured at the 2017 Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival.


Sahra joins KJ Bagchi from Asian Americans Advancing Justice and Nina Yang Bongiovi (film producer) from "Fruitvale Station," "Dope," "Roxanne Roxanne," and "Sorry to Bother You" in a conversation about Asian Americans, activism, affirmative action, educational policy, and the racial divide.

TRAILER: "Deported" is a documentary series about the global fight to end the deportation of Cambodian refugees. [Created by: Sahra V. Nguyen] " Subscribe to NBC News: " Watch more NBC video: NBC News is a leading source of global news and information.
As a filmmaker and journalist, my intent was to find and share the truth,” shares Nguyen. “It seems that the immigrants from Southeast Asia are rarely included in the mainstream conversation on immigration, so I wanted to document the community’s perspective to add to the conversation.
— Sahra V. Nguyen as quoted in the Philadelphia Weekly.



Sahra Nguyen’s guest lecture & performance in my 150-person Asian American studies lecture was electrifying and thought-provoking. I was not expecting her to lead the students through such rigorous and historically informed critical interrogations of Southeast Asian refugee experience, as well as such sophisticated and compassionate engagements around her poetry. Sahra’s passion for art and politics inspired and energized an entire room of young undergraduate students.
— Grace Kyungwon Hong, Professor at University of California Los Angeles


Sahra Vang   - Artist, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, and creative producer. Founder of One Ounce Gold, currently based in Brooklyn, New York. 

Sahra Vang - Artist, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, and creative producer. Founder of One Ounce Gold, currently based in Brooklyn, New York. 

Sahra Vang Nguyen ( is an artist, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, and creative producer currently based in Brooklyn, New York. 

She has served as the Director of the Writing Success Program at the University of California, Los Angeles where she helped undergraduate students develop critical thinking skills, self-empowerment and agency through the writing process.

Sahra has published an e-book of poetry titled, "One Ounce Gold," and has been published in the print anthology, "Pho For Life." Her writing primarily explores themes of identity, race in America, the Vietnamese American experience and the power of human potential.

With early beginnings in spoken word poetry,  Sahra has toured universities and venues across the country performing poetry and facilitating workshops at places including the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, Cornell University's Women of Color Conference Keynote Speaker, Nuyorican Poet's Cafe and UMass Boston's Artist In Residence.

As a keynote speaker at Universities and conferences, Sahra speaks on a range of topics including Asian American issues + identity, pursuing a non-conventional creative career, the power of media + storytelling, and expanding the human potential beyond stereotypical ideas of success. 

A longtime visual artist painting under the alias Vera Times, Sahra Vang has collaborated with luxury brand COACH, been featured in the print magazine Time Out New York, featured digitally on 12ozProphet, exhibited with a roster of renowned street and graffiti artists, and painted walls in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Vietnam and Cambodia.


Under her own production company, One Ounce Gold LLC, in Spring 2014 Sahra created and filmed a documentary  web series about NYC entrepreneurs called, "Maker's Lane," which was co-presented by the Smithsonian APAC and featured on, and Huffington Post. The series celebrates innovation, creativity and trailblazers in the entrepreneurial spirit of the American Dream. Sahra + Maker's Lane was selected as a Top 25 Finalist in CineCause Women's Initiative 2014 in Los Angeles, CA. In 2015, Sahra launched Season 2 of Maker's Lane. 

Maker's Lane is a documentary series about NYC entrepreneurs. Each episode profiles a different creative hustler carving their own path.

In September 2014, Sahra was honored with the May Takayanagi Making Waves Award by social justice leaders at Asian American Resource Workshop's 35th Anniversary celebration in Boston, MA.

With a passion to constantly take on new challenges, Sahra along with three friends (all under the age of 30) opened up their first storefront business in Bushwick, NY, called "Lucy's Vietnamese Kitchen," in March 2015. She continues her love for storytelling and passion for promoting Vietnamese American culture as the company's Head Creative + Communications Manager.  Within the first 9 months, Lucy's Vietnamese Kitchen won "Best Vietnamese Restaurant" by popular vote and has been featured in The New York Times, Time Out New York, Zagat, VICE, and more.

In late 2015, Maker's Lane caught the attention of a Managing Editor at NBC News. Maker's Lane eventually evolved into a brand new series exclusively for NBC News, titled "Self-Starters."  In early 2016, Sahra created,  produced, and filmed "Self-Starters" which launched the video channel for NBC Asian America and published on, the official NBC News YouTube Channel, NBC News app for mobile and smart TV, and NBC Asian America Facebook page.

Mid-2016, Sahra sold her second documentary series to, which covers the fight against deportation within the Cambodian American community.  Under her own production company, One Ounce Gold, she filmed the doc in Seattle, Philadelphia, New York City, and Cambodia. The 5-part series, titled "Deported," published March 2017.

Born and raised in Boston, MA, Sahra graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a double major in Asian American Studies and World Arts & Cultures. She is the daughter of Vietnamese refugees.

Sahra’s authentic personal engagement with students and her ability to learn about our campus climate made her visit impactful. Her workshop was able to bridge gaps in our Asian American student community and inspired many of our students to take action. By the end of her visit, students felt equipped to continue difficult conversations and engage in community building for justice.
— Jae S. Bates | University of Puget Sound Class of 2018
Sahra served as the keynote speaker for Asian/American Pacific Islander Heritage Month at Duke University, and she was a very engaging, confident, and knowledgeable speaker. She showed deep interest in our campus and students’ needs, and really worked to tailor her talk to the current campus climate. Her energy and passion for activism and highlighting untold stories was an inspiration to students.
— Joanne Kang, Duke University