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The #MeToo experience that became a catalyst for creating PapaLoDown Agency 10 years ago

Last year I was able to be part of the inaugural Entrepinays Summit, and shared a part of the story of how and why I created PapaLoDown Agency 10 years ago. Sharing this video has been something I’ve avoided because of how vulnerable I am recounting how I was sexually harassed and gaslighted by the CEO and co-workers of a company I was working for at the time.

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What is a Publicist? Is a Publicist Right for Me?

Publicists serve as the bridge between an organization or person, and the media. Publicists develop relationships with journalists, editors, producers, and influencers; and create strategies that will generate buzz around your event or brand. There's always an opportunity to improve the public perception of your organization, and that’s where publicists come in to the picture.

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