What is Public Relations? - Earned Media vs. Paid Ads

Public relations (or PR for short) is considered ‘earned media’ and differs from paid advertisements. While you pay for both services, the value of PR, is in the third party validation = press, influencers, and partnerships.

Why Public Relations is Beneficial – Earned Media v. Paid Advertisement

Scenario One: You’re scrolling through Facebook and you see an ad for a local diner down the street, It reads, “Best Burger in Town”. The vibrant picture of the burger caught your eye, but the “Sponsored Ad” branding the corner of the image makes you question its integrity. Plus, doesn’t everyone claim they have the “Best Burger in Town?”

Scenario Two: You’re scrolling through Facebook and you see your friend repost a blog post titled, “Best Diners in the City”,” and you click on it. While scrolling through, you see the same diner from scenario one, but instead of instantly writing it off as an ad, you consider what the article has to say. After all, it’s a review from a real person.

If you haven’t guessed, scenario two is earned media. Instead of being under the harsh light of an “AD”, earned media allows people to appreciate a business in a more genuine light because the information didn’t come directly from the business itself but from a third party source. If a popular blogger writes “Best Diner in the City,” then people are more inclined to think that it must be good. If you saw a billboard that says, “Best Diner in Town,” you’re more likely to shrug it off.

While having a paid advertisement strategy can be smart, earned media has a bigger impact.

Public Relations builds relationships and brand awareness, while marketing focuses on making sales.

Photo by Rawpixel/Getty Images

Photo by Rawpixel/Getty Images

What CAN PR Services Entail?

PR services include a number of things. For example, PR agencies might amplify your brand by writing press releases, creating content, or curating media lists. They can help you hone in on your brand image, and leverage marketing strategies.

We invite you to take a look at the services we offer and how they are organized.  We specialize in a client base of people of color and women of color led organizations, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

How Is PR Beneficial?

You can build a loyal following by establishing a relationship with your audience through storytelling and authenticity.

Sure, you make some sales through Facebook ads, but where are your loyal fans? If you’re not making any sales, we think it’s time you started making a buzz about your business.

Generate business leads.

Effective public relations can improve business outcomes by generating new leads. When your company is covered in targeted media outlets, your company becomes more visible to potential clients and customers.

Position yourself as an expert in your field.

PR plays a central role in showing people that you’re amazing at what you do and have something valuable to offer them.

Attract acquirers.

If your goal is to be noticed by a larger company or audience, PR isn’t just a good idea – it’s a must. Visibility online and in media outlets is a prerequisite for getting the attention of acquirers, many of whom rely on industry media sources to unearth hot acquisition targets.

Public Relations For the Independent Hustler

While public relations might not be for everyone, we understand that many people have questions. If you’ve ever wondered how businesses get their press releases out in the world or featured in magazines, podcasts, and every other form of media you can think of, chances are they have a PR professional on their team.

What value Does The PapaLoDown Agency provide?

  • We are your brand advocates - We advocate for you, network with industry tastemakers, develop relationships with writers and media, and help you monitor your online appearance. We are constantly planting seeds to grow into press exposure and paid opportunities for your brand.

  • We amplify your story by writing press releases, creating content, curating media lists, and researching industry trends. Our agents find opportunities for you to be featured in the media and help you partner with brands to grow your business.

  • We advise your team in the areas of branding, marketing, event planning, promotions, and operations to help you grow your business. We plan, research, and share our insights and experience to ensure goals are met, and your brand's integrity is maintained.

Ready to learn more?

Schedule a complimentary call HERE. We can answer your questions about how PR can help you or your business.  You can also email us your questions at paloma@papalodown.com.

Whether you're looking for a long-term partner to manage your brand image, want to focus on a specific campaign that positions you as an expert in your field, or planning a milestone event, our team of professionals is here to amplify your brand.