Meet the PR for the People Workshop Participants

PapaLoDown Agency announces participants of inaugural ‘PR for the People’ workshop series

PapaLoDown Agency presents “PR for the People”, an all-new workshop series dedicated to build capacity in the community, specifically creatives and entrepreneurs. Participants learn new skills and tools to amplify their stories, projects, and careers through earned media placements, and leveraging partnerships in the community. We are excited to announce this year’s participants Michelle Yee, Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin, Sami Schilf, and Christina Newhard.

Michelle Yee

Courtesy of Michelle Yee .

Courtesy of Michelle Yee.

Michelle Yee is an Asian-Canadian artist, award-winning photographer, and independent author. For 10+ years in Canada, Michelle had an established career as a photographer, specializing in portrait and documentary photography and working with a diverse group of clients that included Mercedes-Benz, VICE, The Globe and Mail, The Associated Press and BUST Magazine. Michelle is also a former co-founder of SOFIA, a collective that aimed to inspire, connect, and support women working in photography. In her personal work as an artist, Michelle uses a variety of mediums in her largely autobiographical explorations, delving into themes such as family, identity, relationships, transformation, and self-discovery. In 2017, Michelle moved to the US and is now currently based in San Francisco.

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Courtesy of Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin.

Courtesy of Jennifer Navarro-Marroquin.

Jennifer is a Licensed Financial Professional who is passionate about sharing knowledge, tools, and systems that unlock prosperity in all levels. In addition, she is also a holistic arts practitioner and have a background in wellness services. She has recently been inspired to integrate both of these professional backgrounds and create a unique service that supports others in claiming their inner and outer prosperity.She feels fortunate to have found a way to weave both financial education and holistic arts together to create a unique and valuable service. Her work dives deep into belief systems and paradigms to transform and create an abundant life lived on purpose and out loud. Most importantly, she offers a unique perspective that looks at prosperity from a mechanical, emotional, and spiritual level.

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Courtesy of Sami Schilf.

Courtesy of Sami Schilf.

Sami Schilf, who creates under the name “Sami See”, is a painter, illustrator and event producer based in San Francisco, CA. Her murals can be found throughout the SF Bay area spanning from hospitals to playgrounds and business store fronts to back alleyways. Finding joy in the process of collaborative art making and storytelling, Sami works with educational and nonprofit organizations to innovate visual stories with a message of positive change. She integrates 6+ years of her experience in project management, health promotion and creative production into her art work, centering creative expression as a praxis for healing herself, others and the earth.

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Courtesy of Christina Newhard.

Courtesy of Christina Newhard.

Christina Buhain Newhard has been fascinated with books since she was five years old. Born in Manila to a Filipina mother and American father, she moved to the U.S. at the age of 10, but always holds the Philippines in her heart. A love for text, image, and story moved her to pursue a career in graphic design. After 20+ years in the industry, she now runs her own design consultancy, Newhard Design, in Oakland. In asking the question, “how can design strengthen Filipino culture in a meaningful way?” Sari-Sari Storybooks was born. The press has since published four titles in four Philippine languages — Melo the Umang-Boy (Ivatan), Kalipay and the Tiniest Tiktik (Cebuano), Amina and the City of Flowers (Chavacano), and Sandangaw (Waray). Sari-Sari Storybooks has received positive coverage from the Nerds of Color, The Seattle Review of Books, Smart Parenting PH, The Aswang Project, The Fil-Am, IndyKids, and Asia Pacific Forum on WBAI. She lives in Oakland with two black cats.

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